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fic: First Wives Club - I Wish I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then
fic: First Wives Club
Title: First Wives Club
Author: lovablelexie
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Lea/Dianna/Naya/Heather
Summary: Lea, Dianna, Naya, and Heather hang out. Drinks and other activities ensue.
Disclaimer: This is a total piece of fiction, I own nothing and no one involved</b>
Word Count: 4,925
A/N: Okay, I've been working on this one for way too long but it's finally finished! It's written in first person, something I've never done before and I hope I did well. Enjoy and as always comments are very much appreciated!

Truth be told, I slept with Naya long before I ever slept with Lea. It was while we were filming the second episode of the first season, the one where my character Quinn auditions for the Glee Club. I was already attracted to Naya what with her exotic Latina looks but seeing her in a cheerleader uniform and swaying her hips was such a distraction. And that moment where her hand brushed my shoulder, I got so flustered that even the shot that made it into the episode very clearly shows my sexual desire.

Naya stopped by the apartment one night while Lea was filming late, that scene where she had to kiss Cory in the auditorium in that ridiculously short skirt but that’s a completely different topic. We had a drink or two and I don’t quite remember the little things but we ended up in bed together. It was sensual yet frantic sex; Naya touched me in all the right places as if she was an expert on my body and I made her come hard around my fingers and then later against my tongue. She didn’t stay the night and she walked out of my bedroom with her hair mussed and her clothes slightly rumpled from being thrown on the floor at the same moment Lea walked through the front door.

To both of their credits, they said a simple hello in passing as Naya walked toward the front door and Lea headed for her bedroom. I stood in the doorway of my bedroom, my face flushed red with mortification. When the door closed behind Naya, Lea looked at me across the small hallway that separated our bedrooms and said, “I didn’t know you two had a thing.”

“We don’t,” I stated. “It just sort of happened.”

“Hey, no worries, I get it. I know we haven’t lived together for very long but I will never judge you for bringing someone home. Just keep it down if I’m home, unless of course you want me to join.” Lea laughed as she said it but there was this mischievous glint in her eyes that caused a fluttering deep within my belly that made me want to grab her and pull her into my embrace and my bed despite the fact that I had just had sex twice.

Naya and I did not sleep together again after that first time but we did become great friends. I was the first person she told when she thought she was falling for Heather and I told her about the deep rooted crush I had on Lea that I was afraid would never amount to anything.

“Are you kidding Di? Do you even see the way she looks at you?” Naya had asked incredulously. “She wants you and you want her but you two just flirt shamelessly without actually doing anything.”

She was one hundred percent right but I had already slept with one friend and was lucky enough we didn’t ruin our relationship because of it and didn’t think lightning would strike twice. So instead of telling Lea that I had feelings for her I continued to be her friend and hold her hand and give her hugs whenever I could. We both watched as Naya and Heather began dating and subsequently fell in love and we were so happy for them. Our relationship, meanwhile, seemed to be progressing without either one of us realizing it. We were always so affectionate with one another that it just seemed natural the first time we both leaned at the same time and kissed. She tasted like mint and a hint of coffee and her skin smelled like vanilla. Her lips were so soft and tender and as cliché as it sounds, it felt like fireworks were exploding inside my body.

That first kiss was brief but in my memories it seems never ending. Because in that moment, without saying a word, Lea and I became something more than friends who were simply touchy feely with each other, we became girlfriends. We never specifically said we were dating but we knew, as did everyone in our personal lives. Lea flew out to Pittsburgh to see me while I was filming I Am Number Four and I invited her to celebrate Hanukah with my family. I more or less moved back into her apartment except now we shared a bedroom. We exchanged whispered I love you’s while we made love and I begged her to be rough with me while we fucked. We even bought matching diamond rings that we wore on our right hands but I can’t think of a single time where either one of us referred to the other as “my girlfriend.” But that’s just our nature, neither one of us believes in labels so we don’t use them; even though we know our fans desperately want us to come out, we don’t see the need. Maybe once we do something big like purchase a house or decide to have a baby we will say those words but for now we are happy to remain quiet.

Naya and Heather, however, are a completely different story. Naya wants to shout their love from a mountaintop (and I think she means literally not metaphorically like Lea did in that one tweet) but Heather is hesitant. She hasn’t even told her family about her sexuality yet so the last thing she wants is for them to find out through the tabloids. Naya is understanding and supportive but I also know that she is impatiently waiting for the day that she can take her girlfriend out in public on a proper date.

Now that we are on hiatus from filming and finally done with that God forsaken tour where I literally got sick from exhaustion, it is time to relax. I spent a week under the radar in New York with Lea and her family before flying back to L.A. while Lea jet-setted to Hawaii for a few days.

I met up with Naya who flew to LAX immediately after we finished up in Europe and we decided to have an unofficial First Wives Club meeting once our girlfriends were back in town, just the four of us. Despite seeing each other all the time at work we rarely have time to just relax and hang out hence the calling of the unofficial meeting.

We decided to meet at Naya’s place. She had just purchased a home with a spacious private backyard, perfect for summer get togethers. We sprawled out on her patio furniture that is so comfortable I cannot believe its proper place is outside and indulged in some cocktails. Conversation ultimately turned to work and the latest entertaining things we found while trolling the Internet.

“Does my arm really make me look gay? Because it seems like that theory is collecting a cult following” I ask because I am honestly curious.

“Di baby, the fans knew we were together from the beginning when we were practically drooling over each other in interviews.”

“Like you don’t do that anymore!” Naya interjects. “I think we all remember the Golden Globes.” She raised her glass in a fake toast and took a large gulp.

“I’m still having pap pictures taken of me and Theo to make up for that,” Lea giggles. “But it was worth it.”

“You know,” Heather says quietly, “you two keep saying you don’t see the need to come out but then you do things like hold hands and spin each other around on stage. Or wear a shirt that says “Likes Girls” in front of thousands of people. Everyone pretty much knows so why do you still hide behind boyfriends that your agents find for you?”

I sigh at the same time that Naya says, “Not this again please. We’re supposed to have fun and I’m not in the mood for this conversation.” I can see the pain hidden deep in Naya’s eyes. She wants to do all those things that Lea and I take for granted even if we do them behind the façade of “we’re best friends nothing more.” Although Naya does have the advantage that her character of Santana is in love with Heather’s Brittany; she even got to give her a peck on the lips during our last live show. But anyone who has ever acted will tell you that it’s not anywhere near as satisfying as doing it in real life.

We let the subject drop and go back to topics that are for entertainment purposes only. I am almost done with my third drink and have a small buzz going when Naya stretches her legs and says, “Fuck, I want to smoke. Who’s in?” She looks at me first and I immediately glance at Lea. She has been on my case lately about smoking, both cigarettes and weed, even though she tends to indulge when the mood strikes. She hasn’t been drinking all that much, she has just started her second glass of wine, and I don’t want to cause an argument.

Lea shrugs her shoulders and says, “Go ahead. We’re technically on vacation and Naya always manages to get the best weed.”

Naya lets out a little whoop of delight and heads into the house. I sip my drink and wait for her to come back while Lea and Heather talk to each other. Naya returns with a fat perfectly rolled joint and my body suddenly starts to crave the sickly sweet smoke of marijuana. I tap my foot on the ground as Naya sits down next to me, lights up and takes the first drag. Her eyes close and she blindly holds the joint in my direction before releasing the smoke from her mouth. I bring the white paper to my lips and take a small puff, just to get a taste. Either it’s been too long since I’ve smoked or this is some seriously good shit. I extend my arm and hold the joint out in Lea’s general direction, more to be polite than anything else, and am surprised when she takes it from me.

Lea, never one to do anything halfheartedly, takes a deep drag and inhales. She coughs a little bit but her eyes are sparkling. She holds the joint out for Heather and I know she is just doing it as a courtesy because Heather never smokes. True to form, Heather shakes her head in the negative and the joint gets passed back to Naya. It gets passed around one more time with Lea taking another puff but on the third go around she declines so it’s up to Naya and myself to finish it off.

We get down to the last drag and Naya looks at me and asks, “Wanna shotgun the last one?” I can already feel the effects of the smoke clouding my judgment and making my heart race and I love the thought of having Naya’s mouth against mine in front of our girlfriends. Wondering how they will react and if I can get away with a kiss…wait, what? Do I really want to kiss Naya in front of Lea, the love of my life? The woman who wears my ring?

Hell yes I do. The thought alone gives me butterflies in my stomach. I nod my head and Naya takes the last drag, drawing it out to get the most smoke possible into her mouth. We lean toward each other simultaneously and place our mouths together. Our lips part and I suck the smoke from Naya’s mouth, inhaling and holding it in place for the typical three seconds before I slowly lean back and exhale.

I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the marijuana but I suddenly feel invincible and unbelievably horny. I stare deep into Naya’s dark eyes and whisper huskily, “I’m going to kiss you.” She doesn’t respond but she never stops staring at me so I bow my head and place my lips on hers. Kissing Naya gives me a rush, it must be the forbidden aspect and knowing that Lea is watching but not knowing her reaction. Naya’s tongue runs along my lower lip and I open my mouth and circle my tongue around hers.


The undertone of a moan is so quiet that I almost miss it but Naya is totally on top of things. She pulls her lips away from mine and says, “I think your girlfriend likes what she sees.” I look over and see Lea with a slight flush to her cheeks; she is biting down on the right side of her lower lip and her fingers are grazing over Heather’s bare knee.

Heather, the soberest of the four of us, doesn’t seem to mind what is going on either. She eyes Naya territorially but when Lea’s fingers trail slowly up her leg she demands, “Kiss her again.”

Naya complies and kisses me fiercely. I wrap my hand around the back of her neck letting her silky strands of hair twine around my fingers. I let out a little squeak of surprise when suddenly Naya wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me into her lap. I place my knees on either side of her thighs and straddle her, kissing her so deeply I’m sure it will leave bruises on my lips. With our new position my back is to Lea and Heather and I wonder what is going on between them. I don’t think about it for long though because I feel the feather soft touch of fingertips on my midriff. In the midst of our making out my shirt has ridden up the tiniest bit and Naya is taking advantage of the situation.

My fingers trail down the brown skin of Naya’s neck and across her collarbones and I am just about to pull my lips away from hers and sink my teeth into her shoulder when I feel a brusque tug on my hair. I am forced to turn my head to the left and I am faced with Lea’s smoldering brown eyes. She looks like she wants to say something but instead smashes her lips against mine. I moan into her mouth, her lips are plump and warm and when her tongue comes out to meet mine I can taste the residual hint of red wine.

While Lea and I kiss, Naya’s hands roam all over my body. She slips them under my shirt and her warm palms caress my stomach and inch upward. She is almost to my breasts when I am distracted by a new set of lips kissing my neck.
“Looks like my girl wants in on this too,” Naya whispers in my ear, her voice low and sultry. “You’re quite popular Lady Di.” Perched on Naya’s lap, making out with Lea, and with Heather now nibbling on my neck I’d have to say she’s right. My mind cannot comprehend anything beyond the fact that I have three gorgeous women surrounding me making me feel so damn good but I want more. I want to reciprocate. I reach out with my hand that isn’t resting on Naya’s waist and grab Heather’s shoulder.

“How about we move this somewhere more comfortable?” Heather asks.

Lea finally breaks away from our kiss, her eyes glazed over with lust. She reaches across me and grazes the backs of her fingers across Heather’s smooth cheek. “That is an excellent idea.”

Heather leads the way into the house through the kitchen and down a hallway into what I can only assume is a guest bedroom, as it doesn’t contain any personal possessions. I don’t blame her, Naya’s bedroom is for the two of them and bringing us into the guest room speaks volumes; we may all be okay with whatever is about to happen but it will only be a one-time thing.

No sooner is the door closed that Naya does something I never would have expected. She grabs Lea by the shoulders and pins her up against the wall. Lea yelps in shock, she isn’t used to being dominated (I for one know that all too well) but she is more than willing to play along because even from several feet away I can see her eyes darken with desire.
Naya isn’t exceptionally tall but she towers over Lea’s tiny frame. She presses their chests together and says seductively, “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. I can’t wait to make you scream.”

My moan mingles with Lea’s in the still air. I wrap an arm around Heather’s waist and pull her close. My body is thrumming with lust and excitement at what I am about to witness but I also crave physical contact. I lift Heather’s shirt over her head and let my fingers dance over her well-defined abs. I pepper her shoulder blades with kisses and watch as Naya roughly pulls down Lea’s long summery skirt and growls approvingly when she sees that my girlfriend has forgone panties.

Within seconds they have practically ripped each other’s clothes off and that appears to be the only control Lea is going to have because Naya grabs her wrists and pins them above her head with one hand. Lea may be small but she’s strong and I know she could easily get out of the hold if she wanted to but she is totally at Naya’s mercy. I am not the dominant one in the bedroom and I don’t want to be but to see Lea take on that submissive role is incredibly hot and I can feel myself get wetter.

“Oh fuck!” Lea shouts and there is a soft thud as her head bangs against the wall and I see that Naya has pushed two fingers knuckle deep inside of her. I bite my bottom lip to keep a moan from escaping my lips as I watch the Latina finger my girlfriend. Heather’s and my hands start to wander and we slowly strip each other of our clothing. Our moves are sensual and almost lover-like, very unlike the rough and primal fucking that is taking place in front of us.

Heather’s fingers find my nipples and she rolls them between her thumb and forefinger and it sends a jolt of pleasure straight to my core. I arch my back and feel her rock hard nipples against my skin. Her breath tickles my ear lobe as she says, “Are you as turned on as I am watching Naya fuck her?” In response I grab her hand and place it between my legs so she can feel my wetness.

“Fuck Di, so sexy.”

The voice belongs to Lea whose gaze has met mine over Naya’s shoulder. We stare at one another while Naya continues to thrust her fingers inside of Lea and Heather runs a single finger leisurely through my folds.

“Want to join them?” Heather asks.

I almost shout an emphatic “Hell yes!” but instead I just nod my head and stand up and hold my hand out for Heather to take. We walk the few feet to where Naya has Lea pinned against the wall and I quickly press my lips to Lea’s in a searing kiss. I tease her nipples with my fingers, pinching and rubbing them while our lips move furiously against each other.
Naya moans deeply followed by, “Oh fuck yes Heather.” I don’t break my lips away from Lea’s but open my eyes and in my peripheral vision I can see Heather on her knees behind Naya lapping at her pussy. The sight makes my core tingle with want and I bite down on Lea’s bottom lip making her groan.

I feel Lea begin to tremble and she pulls her lips away from mine. Her eyes snap open and with one look, I know exactly what she needs. With Naya’s fingers still pounding away at her soaking wet pussy I press down and rub tight circles on her swollen clit. Her head drops back against the wall as she falls apart, shouting expletives and convulsing slightly.
Naya’s fingers slip out of Lea and I grab her wrist and take the two fingers that are coated with fluid into my mouth. Honestly, I love the tangy taste and scent that is purely Lea. When I am convinced I have swallowed every last drop, I release the fingers and take a good look at my girlfriend. She looks beyond satisfied and her eyes are starting to droop.

“Don’t crap out on us Lee, I haven’t had my way with you yet.”

Lea lets out a mix of a whimper and a moan but she takes my offered hand and allows to me lead her to the bed. With our semi-departure, Naya plants her hands flat on the wall and arcs her back giving herself better access to Heather’s tongue. The blonde buries her face into Naya’s pussy from behind and licks at her furiously.

My eyes are glued on my beautiful lady friends and I hardly notice when Lea guides me to lay down on the bed. I prop my head up on several pillows so I can continue to watch Heather and Naya. Lea spreads my legs apart and kneels on the bed between them. Her teeth nip at my inner thighs, teasing for only a moment, before her tongue dives in to my folds.

“Fuck, Lea!” My reaction is strong and immediate. This woman’s mouth is so incredibly talented, I’m convinced there is nothing it cannot do. She flattens her tongue and licks my clit just the way I like it. I grab handfuls of bed sheets as I begin to rock myself against Lea’s face with my eyes locked on Naya’s backside and Heather’s ponytail. Upon hearing my outburst, Naya looks over her shoulder to observe what is going on between Lea and myself.

“Oh God,” she tells Heather, “they are so hot.”

“What are they doing?” I hear her mumble.

“Lea’s eating out Di and…oh fuck, just like that baby!” I wouldn’t have thought it was possible but her back arcs even further. My mind immediately shoots back to our one night together and I know that she is nearing her orgasm. The combination of that thought and Lea’s tongue, which is now probing at my opening, puts me into overdrive. I tug at Lea’s hair and pull her face up. “She’s gonna come,” I say. “Watch her with me.”

Lea moves from between my legs and sits back on her heels next to my right hip. She tweaks my nipple and then circles her thumb around it, just enough to keep it hard and to keep me aroused. Not that I’d cool down at all considering there’s some hot live sex going on in front of me. Heather’s hands grasp the firm globes of Naya’s ass and the Latina’s fingers curl against the wall, almost as if she is trying to dig into the plaster to get some sort of grip. She then moans loud and long and her head slumps forward. I can see the muscles in her arms shaking from the effort of holding herself against the wall and there are tiny droplets of sweat covering the tattoo on her lower back.

Heather stands up and stretches her long legs while Naya steadies herself. I am still in awe as to what I have just witnessed that I don’t even notice that Lea has moved until I feel her tongue between my legs once again. I instinctively tangle a hand in her hair and watch as Naya and Heather make their way over to the bed.

Naya and I may have started all of this with our impromptu make-out session outside but I am overcome with the desire and need to taste Heather and know what she feels like. I want to voice the thought but I am suddenly shy about saying those words to someone who isn’t Lea. I’ve been fairly silent throughout all of this, except if I was voicing my pleasure or speaking to Lea. Instead of words all I can manage is a choked whimper and I reach out, my fingertips grazing Heather’s hip.

Heather looks at me trying to figure out what I want and I realize the only way I am going to get it is if I say something. Closing my eyes alleviates some of my shyness and I say, quite boldly in fact, “Sit on my face.”

I feel a moan reverberate against my clit and know that Lea approves. Heather does not hesitate and places her knees on either side of my head. She is perched above me and her pussy is pink and wet and open and I can’t wait to bury my tongue in it. I release my hold on Lea’s hair and grab Heather’s hips and pull her down onto my lips. She gasps when my tongue meets her clit and I lap at the firm bundle desperate to bring it out of its hood.

I have Heather’s juices coating my lips, Lea’s head between my legs as she sucks at my clit as if it contains the secrets of everlasting youth, and I think nothing can make this situation better. That thought is short lived, however, when I feel what can only be Naya’s mouth wrapping around one of my nipples.

Soft moans and the sounds of tongues on flesh fill the room, as we get lost in each other. I replicate the motions I feel Lea making on my clit on Heather and she seems to be enjoying them just as much as I am if the sounds she is making are any indication. I can feel myself getting close but I want Heather to get there first. I dig my fingertips into her hips and work my tongue furiously over her clit. I am abusing the tiny nub and Heather is panting and moaning above me. I feel hot breath on my neck and Naya licks a long stripe all the way up to my ear lobe. She says in that deep sultry voice of hers, “Make her come Di. I want to watch her come all over your face.”

I once again feel Lea moan against me and it takes everything in me to not fall apart right then and there. Instead I focus all of my attention on Heather. She begins to buck against my face and she cries out my name as she reaches her peak. Her juices practically gush out of her onto my lips and tongue and I savor the taste, swallowing as much of it as I can.
While I draw out Heather’s orgasm, I feel Lea’s small soft hands travel up my stomach until they reach my breasts. She rubs her thumbs over my nipples while her tongue slips inside my pussy. Her nose rubs against my clit while she fucks me with her warm wet tongue and I can’t hold on anymore. Warmth spreads from deep within my core to the tips of my fingers and toes while Lea greedily drinks my juices. Heather has moved off my face so I pull Lea up to my lips and kiss her fiercely. I can taste myself on her tongue and I’m sure she can taste Heather on mine. When the need to breathe takes over, I pull away and fall back on the bed. I close my eyes and focus on bringing my breathing back to normal.

When I reopen my eyes, I see Lea is picking her clothes up off the floor and getting dressed. She hands me my clothes as Heather and Naya start dressing as well. I feel like we’re running out but it’s not like we can stay the night. I don’t regret anything we’ve done but do the other three feel the same way? When we are dressed Lea kisses both Naya and Heather on the cheek and says, “Thanks so much for having us. We had a great time.” Like we only came over for dinner or something.

“Anytime,” Naya says with a wink and a smirk and I think, “Okay, one down, she’s fine with this.”

Heather is quiet but she smiles genuinely at us as we walk to the front door. She asks Lea if she is okay to drive home and we say our goodbyes with promises to try and hang out again before we go back to work in two weeks.

In the safety of Lea’s passenger seat I place my hand on her knee and ask quietly, “What we did tonight? It’s not going to make things weird between us, is it?”

Lea glances at me before focusing her eyes back on the road but I can tell that her eyes are twinkling. “It’s not like we’re going to make that a regular thing. We were all in the moment and we had fun and now it’s over. We’ve seen Naya and Heather naked in the dressing rooms before and now we know what they are like in bed. It’s no big deal. It doesn’t make what we share any less special.”

I breathe a sigh of relief and give Lea’s knee a squeeze. “I love you so much, you know that?”

“I do. And I love you too. But as much fun as tonight was, from now on, no more sharing okay? You’re all mine.”

“Sounds good to me,” I say. I sit back, content and happy, as Lea drives us home.

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14 Martinis ~ Pour Me a Drink
lovspaz91 From: lovspaz91 Date: September 6th, 2011 12:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Ugh that was fucking hot and so worth the wait. All of them on Dianna at once killed me and Naya fucking Lea against the wall was perfect.


lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: September 6th, 2011 12:36 am (UTC) (Link)
So glad you liked it!! I was on a roll with it this weekend and I'm glad I finally finished it. And yeah...I had to have all of them on Dianna, I mean come on, who can resist her?
sannn87 From: sannn87 Date: September 6th, 2011 01:25 am (UTC) (Link)
oh hot dayum!!!!! that was probably not the right thing to read at work with the boss across the room..... but i just couldn't help it :P this was soooo awesome!!!!! and HOT!!!! nice use of first person and great choice making it dianna's. everything was hot and sexy and awesome and i loved every word of it and please write more soon!!!!!

le sigh.... now back to work :(
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: September 6th, 2011 01:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow, I hope you can function at work after that!!

I'm glad you liked the first person, it was definitely a challenge for me. And I always feel like I can relate to Dianna so it just seemed natural to write it from her perspective.

Thanks for reading, you're the best!
sannn87 From: sannn87 Date: September 6th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC) (Link)
working is definitely proving to be difficult task today :P but i'm also very sleepy so that might be part of the reason lol.

i actually find writing first person therapeutic. it's more personal for me and i only focus on one person's feelings and thoughts.

also, thanks for the compliment, but i have to disagree and say that you are in fact the best :D i LOVE reading your stuff and it's actually quite awesome that you always reply to my comments so YAY!!

what will you be working on next??
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: September 6th, 2011 11:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Work, porn, and being sleepy? Yep, that's how I feel most days! ;)

I quite enjoyed writing in the first person and to be honest, it's kind of throwing me off with this new fic which is back to my usual third person.

And I think after someone takes the time to comment, the least I can do is comment back to let people know how much I appreciate them. Because really, without the comments and knowing people do read your stuff and like it, what's the point really? Except for the fact that I have all these ideas in my head I need to get out.

My next fic is something a little different as well. It's a Dianna/Rachel/Quinn fic but Dianna's part in it is pretty heartbreaking, if I do say so myself.
sannn87 From: sannn87 Date: September 6th, 2011 01:36 pm (UTC) (Link)

a heartbreaking fic huh?? should i be worried?? i'm trying not to read too much angst cos it kinda gets to me too much lately, but if you can maybe promise a happy ending, i'll consider............. oh who am i kidding? anything you write, i'll read :/

awesome job as usual again and can't wait to read what you come up with next :)
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: September 6th, 2011 09:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ehh, it's not really an angst filled fic but the circumstances that bring Dianna to even interact with Quinn and Rachel is pretty sad. I promise I won't make it too bad...after all the sex itself should be hot!
From: lonelyrainbow86 Date: September 6th, 2011 07:33 am (UTC) (Link)
omg and now i have to go to work. that was soooo good!!! wow amazing!!
From: brettt_ashley Date: September 7th, 2011 02:46 am (UTC) (Link)
JESS YOU FAILED TO MENTION THAT "OTHER ACTIVITIES" ALSO MEANT SMOKING... high!gron is my weakness. I don't really know why, but I love fics when Dianna (or Quinn) is stoned. So fucking hot. Okay time for real thoughts lol. I'm so glad you wrote this in first person. It gave it a totally different feel from your other writing. But I loved it, because you capture Dianna so well. Plus, it made the whole four girls at once thing easier to follow lol. I hate when you're reading a fic and you have to stop and think, "which girl is that "her" referring to?" But that never happens when I read your stuff :)
Alright, my favorite parts...
I was loving the beginning with them chatting about things like dianna's gay arm. Priceless lol.
Hmm okay Dianna shotgunning that drag from Naya... perfection.
Lea and Naya. Damn girl, that was hot.
And then overall, I liked how vocal everyone was. Most times, no one writes any dialogue when there's multiple people involving in the sexy times. But honestly, if you're got four best friends in bed people aren't gunna be silent haha.

I really enjoyed it!! :)
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: September 7th, 2011 03:10 am (UTC) (Link)
Haha, well the smoking was more or less prompted to me so I kind of threw it in there. I've never smoked in my life so I was worried about how that would come across...

Now that's it finished, I'm really glad I wrote it in the first person too. It's kind of throwing me off with the current fic I'm writing but oh well.

And can I just say how much I missed your reviews? Seriously I read every sentence so slowly and multiple times as if to savor it...kind of like when I read porn, lol!
From: brettt_ashley Date: September 7th, 2011 03:44 am (UTC) (Link)
I was going to ask if you'd ever smoked... I hear it can make for some enjoyable times ;)

Haha yeah, that would throw me off too. Verb tenses and POV are the two things that I'm worst at when I'm writing :/

I'm missed reviewing your writing!!! I've been like fic-celibate this summer and its been horrible. Ohh you just compared my reviews to porn. Haha I love it!! Off to go catch up on your other stuff, I'm so excited to have some free time to finish up reviews... they always take so long because I just end up re-reading the update like 12 times lol.
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: September 7th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
There are many things I never tried in high school/college that I wish I had..that is one of them. Maybe eventually...

And I totally compared your reviews to porn, that's how much I love them/look forward to them!! And seriously, you keep re-reading? That makes me so happy! The only fics I ever re-read are stuff by flipfop555 and pleasurechest and those girls are amazing!
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fic recommendation...

User sashab26 referenced to your post from fic recommendation... saying: [...] and change my mind. It's called "First Wives Club" So so good!  Read it!  [...]
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