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I Wish I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then

26 November 1985
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First off, a note on my user name. I made it way back in the day when I used a fake name online, Alexis. But my name is indeed Jessica and while I am lovable (hehe) you can disregard the Lexie part.

Before you continue here are some random tidbits you should know about me:
-I am a diehard football fan…one who will root for the Lions and have faith in them until my dying day
-I’ve had my fair share of obsessions, including I Love Lucy, Titanic, Friends, The Golden Girls, and many more
-I have never cried at a movie, but I have cried when the Lions lost a football game
-I believe baseball is a thing of the past; FOOTBALL is America’s past time
-I cannot stand soap operas but I write my fair share of drama stories
-I get very attached to people and have a hard time letting things go
-I am afraid of dogs and cats
-I suck at math but I have a knack for remembering phone numbers, birthdays, and other important dates
-I am either very quiet or never shut up
-I tend to be very random
-I gave up trying to be cool a long time ago, I am proud of being a loser
-I am very spoiled and am not ashamed to admit it
-I have a strange attraction to Snape from the Harry Potter series and believe he should get together with Hermione
-I have a witty sense of humor/sarcasm and I give my family credit for that
-I am a golfer who has played in rain, snow, hail, you name it. During spring/summer, I would live out on the course if I could

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