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fic: Bathroom Breaks - I Wish I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then
fic: Bathroom Breaks
Title: Bathroom Breaks
Author: lovablelexie
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn
Summary: From this prompt at the Glee Kink Meme
WARNING: Watersports, if you don't like don't read although I actually think it's pretty tame
Disclaimer: This is a total piece of fiction, I own nothing and no one involved
Word Count: 3,695
A/N: I wrote this for Jen who wanted some water sports Faberry fics. I thought I'd challenge myself to write something that isn't necessarily a turn-on for me. I understand that this might not be the most popular fic topic but as always, I would appreciate your comments!

It was the annual Homecoming weekend bonfire and this year the whole senior class of William McKinley High School was gathered in Noah Puckerman’s backyard. The Puckerman’s lived on a full two acres of land on the very edge of Lima with nothing but woods on either side of the house which made it an ideal place for drunken teenagers to party. There were plenty of kegs of beer to go around and several tables set up for beer pong. Everyone was having a great time and in various states of intoxication.

Quinn Fabray sat on one of the haystacks that were placed around the bonfire and sipped at her red Solo cup of beer. She was making small talk with the Cheerios who were sitting with her, even though she had given up her position the previous year she still stayed friends with the rest of the girls on the squad, but her eyes wandered around the yard. Her gaze landed on Rachel Berry who was drinking greedily from her cup and laughing animatedly with Mercedes and Kurt. She watched Rachel for several minutes; the girl was drunker than Quinn had ever seen her. She was wobbly on her feet even when she was trying to stand still and when she stumbled over to one of the kegs to pour herself more beer she sloshed most of it on the damp grass. One of the defensive linemen from the football team approached her and took Rachel’s cup out of her hand and expertly poured the beer for her. Quinn swore she heard him say, “Can’t waste good booze. Even if you are hot,” and then she saw him bend down and kiss the brunette squarely on the mouth.

Quinn was filled with the urge to protect the diva. The fact that Rachel did not push the boy away when he kissed her, only giggled and took her beer back from him Quinn knew the Glee Club star was not in control of her actions. When she saw Rachel stumble toward the woods on the edge of the property she thought, Fuck where is she going? and didn’t think twice before excusing herself from her group and following the brunette.

Quinn had consumed one beer and half of another, well below average for most of the partygoers, so she quickly reached the woods and found Rachel.

“Berry what the fuck are you doing?”

Rachel had her black skirt hiked up, her plain white panties halfway down her thighs and she was attempting to squat in the middle of the woods. “I need to pee,” she said bluntly and seemingly out of character for the usually eloquent teenager. “But I keep tipping,” she added.

It was true. Every time Rachel bent her knees to assume the proper position the alcohol took over and caused her to tip to one side and she would have to catch herself with the palm of her hand on the damp earth.

“For fuck’s sake, lean against a tree or something.” Quinn was embarrassed for the girl, if she remembered this in the morning she was bound to be mortified. Rachel managed to stumble over to a tall tree with a wide trunk and she tried to lean against it. God how much did she have to drink? Quinn thought. She’s totally wasted.

“Quinn?” Rachel asked her voice sounding like a pleading child. “I need help. Hold me up?”

The blonde wrinkled her nose at the thought of being in physical contact with someone while they relieved themselves but Rachel, who was already beginning to slump even with the aid of the tree, clearly couldn’t do this alone. With a scoff Quinn approached the brunette and wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her upright. Several seconds passed and nothing happened.

“Come on Berry. Did you forget why we’re out here?”

“I’m nervous,” she said shyly.

“You’ve performed solos in front of hundreds of people but you can’t take a piss in front of me?” Quinn’s incredulous tone suddenly turned calm. “Just let yourself relax and go.”

Rachel closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles and began to urinate. Quinn tried to picture herself anywhere but where she was but something about the sound of Rachel’s bodily fluids splashing into the dirt was incredibly arousing. She surprisingly found herself imagining what the warm liquid would feel like on her fingers and she had to focus on taking deep even breaths while she held the drunk girl around the waist and felt the tell-tale signs of her own arousal between her legs. When Rachel was finally finished, for which Quinn was both grateful and disappointed, she asked, “How am I supposed to wipe?”

“You are the one who went in the woods instead of in the house,” Quinn said. “Looks like you’ll just have to use your panties.”

Rachel slipped the white material, which Quinn could now tell was a g-string, further down her legs and took them off. She balled them up and wiped between her legs. She held the now soiled garment in her hand and looked confused.

“What should I do with them? I don’t want to litter.”

Rachel Berry, of course, ever the animal loving environmentalist even when she was so drunk she couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own.

“Give them to me. I’ll throw them out.” Quinn held out her hand, palm up, and Rachel gave her the bunched up panties without question. The short brunette then picked up her cup of beer that she had managed to place on the ground without spilling and headed back toward the party. Quinn glanced around to make sure no one else was in the woods and then shoved Rachel’s wet panties in the front pocket of her jeans and made her way back to the party.


That night when Quinn was lying in bed unable to sleep because of the buzz she had acquired and the memory of how much watching and listening to Rachel pee had turned her on, she did something she had never done before. She crept out of her warm bed and fetched Rachel’s panties that were still in her jeans pocket and then rummaged under her bed for her favorite vibrator.

Back under the sheets she tentatively brought the white undergarment up to her nose and sniffed. There was the faint odor of urine but mostly a distinct tangy scent that could only be Rachel. Quinn felt the familiar tingle between her legs that indicated she was getting wet so turned her vibrator on its lowest setting and placed it carefully against her clit. She moved her hips up and down while she held Rachel’s panties to her nose with one hand and held the small finger sized vibrator against herself with the other hand, occasionally adjusting the speed. She closed her eyes and imagined burying her tongue deep inside Rachel’s pussy and within minutes she was bucking against the vibrator, her body writhing with pleasure.

She fell asleep almost immediately, her hand curled around the panties.


Quinn was not satisfied to just use Rachel’s underwear as a pawn in her self-pleasuring games. She needed to see or hear Rachel relieve herself again. She didn’t know what it was about the diva that made her desire things she never thought she wanted; girls for starters and now this fascination with water sports but she didn’t care, she just knew she needed more of Rachel. She began to notice that Rachel was a creature of habit; the brunette always stopped at the bathroom between 4th period and lunch. The thought of what Rachel was doing in there made Quinn so wet that she would touch herself the moment she got home from school, the singer’s panties in her hand.

Then on Friday, two weeks after the party, Quinn couldn’t take it anymore. She followed Rachel into the bathroom and took the stall next to her as discretely as she could manage. She leaned against the cold red-colored stall and undid the button on her pants and quickly shoved her hand into her underwear. Her fingers ran up and down her slit and she strained to hear the sound she craved. Then, there it was, the tinkling sound of urine hitting the water in the toilet bowl. At the sound of Rachel peeing Quinn became to rub her finger furiously over her clit, she didn’t have time to take things slow.

When Rachel was finished and flushed the toilet, Quinn closed her eyes and thought about the sounds she had just heard. She needed to come; she needed release so she could go on with her day. She leaned heavily against the side of the stall, the cool wall soothing the hot skin of her cheek while she rubbed so fast over her clit that her wrist began to ache. She callously shoved her middle finger up inside her wet heat and within seconds she felt her core thrum from the strength of her orgasm. She bit into her bottom lip to keep from moaning and just when she pulled her fingers out of her pants she heard the bell ring, signaling the beginning of the lunch hour.
She flushed the toilet, even though she was sure there was no one left in the bathroom and opened the stall door and made her way over to the row of sinks. She ran cold water over her wrists to try and cool her internal temperature as she looked at her face in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed and tiny wisps of hair were stuck to her slightly damp forehead. She took a deep breath as she stared into the depths of her own hazel eyes. Who was this Quinn Fabray, the one that just masturbated in a bathroom while listening to Rachel Berry pee? She wasn’t sure but all she knew was this little dalliance was still not enough to quell her desire for the diva.


She was in Glee Club sitting on the top row of bleachers as usual, the latest Jodi Picoult novel open in her lap. She hardly ever paid attention in Glee these days, since her and Sam had won the duets competition she had been passed over whenever they spoke of song selections. She knew Finn and Rachel would get a duet for Sectionals even though she knew they stood a better chance if Mr. Schue switched things up for once. She often wondered why she showed up for their meetings day after day but those thoughts vanished every time she heard Rachel sing. The girl had so much talent, her voice was so powerful and when she sang it was one of only two times that Quinn closed her book and paid attention. The other time was when Rachel raised her hand; despite Mr. Schue telling her numerous times that she didn’t have to, and asked to go to the bathroom.

It had been weeks of Quinn following Rachel into the bathroom and listening to her pee and more often than not touching herself in the process. Rachel, to her credit, acted none the wiser and went about her business.
With each trip to the bathroom Quinn felt herself getting closer and closer to the breaking point. She was no longer content with just listening to Rachel and pleasuring herself, she wanted to touch the brunette. She wanted to touch Rachel while the girl had to go to the bathroom, she wanted to make her feel so good and so tortured at the same time that she literally begged for release in every sense of the word. So on this day in Glee Club when Rachel raised her hand and Mr. Schuester told her to go ahead, Quinn silently got up and followed.

The nearest girl’s restroom was across the hall and three doors down from the choir room so Quinn had to move quickly, she didn’t want Rachel to already be in the stall when she got there. She opened the door to the restroom and hastily pulled it closed and turned the lock giving the two of them complete privacy.

Rachel heard someone enter the bathroom behind her and then heard the undeniable sound of a lock clicking shut. It was after school hours, the only person it could be was a fellow Glee clubber but she still whipped around, her heart in her throat at the thought of being locked in the bathroom. “Quinn,” she breathed when she was that it was the blonde former cheerleader. “What are you doing?”

She didn’t say a word. She simply ambled over to Rachel, her eyes dark and predatory. She gripped the back of the girl’s neck and pulled her into a rough kiss. Rachel stood motionless for a second, mostly from the shock of what was happening, but then she began to kiss Quinn back. Their lips pressed roughly together, teeth getting into the mix and biting down on lower lips. Quinn’s hand traveled down the length of Rachel’s body, she stopped right above her kneecap and trailed her fingertips across the soft skin and then began moving upward over Rachel’s sensitive inner thigh. When she reached the crease between skin and panties, they were lace Quinn noticed, she broke away from the kiss and looked into Rachel’s large brown eyes.

“Quinn. Please,” Rachel said breathlessly and that was all the reassurance Quinn needed to know that the brunette indeed wanted this and wanted her. Continuing to hold eye contact with the girl, Quinn slipped her fingers underneath Rachel’s panties and slid her fingers along her wet slit gathering the proper amount of lubrication before slithering inside Rachel’s warm pussy. She let out a low groan at how tight Rachel felt around her fingers; the singer squirmed a little bit to get used to the intrusion but then moaned softy and dug her fingernails into Quinn’s shoulders.

“Fuck Rachel, you feel so good,” Quinn moaned as she pumped her fingers in and out of the small opening. She leaned down so her mouth hovered near the girl’s ear and whispered, “Do you like my fingers inside of you?”

Rachel shuddered when Quinn licked the shell of her ear and she muttered, “Yes, Quinn. I love it.” She thrust her hips downward, which caused Quinn’s fingers to go deeper inside her and her grip on the blonde’s shoulders tightened. Rachel’s hands began to roam all over Quinn’s body while the former cheerleader fucked her; down her arms, the swell of her breasts and across the curve of her hips to her perfectly toned ass.

Quinn began to scissor her fingers inside of Rachel and rubbed her thumb over the stiff bundle of nerves. Rachel’s eyes clamped shut and her head tilted back. She let out a mixture of a moan and a whine as she said,

“Quinn, please. I…”

“What? Tell me Rachel,” Quinn said as her thumb moved faster.

“It feels so good but…I have to pee.” A deep blush spread across Rachel’s cheekbones and she kept her eyes closed.

If Rachel expected Quinn to stop at her admission, she was mistaken. If anything it made the blonde more eager. “Quiiiinnnnn,” Rachel pleaded as the girl’s fingers pounded into her which felt amazing but at the same time made her want to relieve herself even more.

“Do you honestly expect me to stop?” Quinn said brusquely. “You notice everything Rachel, you have to know I’ve been following you into the bathroom for weeks. Do you know I touch myself when I hear you pee? Hearing you do that turns me on so fucking much.” Quinn rested her forehead against Rachel’s, her lips hovering inches from the singer’s as they breathed in the same air. “I’m going to make you come so hard and then you can pee. Do you understand?”

Rachel whimpered a brief, “Uh huh,” as her hands went back to Quinn’s shoulders. She wrapped her right leg around the back of Quinn’s legs just below her ass and pulled her closer. The blonde’s fingers were moving so fast and hitting all the right spots inside of her and making it so hard to control her bladder that Rachel thought she might cry from the pleasure and torture of it all.

“Q-Quinn, more, more on my clit please,” Rachel begged. She couldn’t stand this sweet agony much longer, she needed to come and she needed to pee and she couldn’t think about anything else.

Quinn eyed the brunette. She was so sexy with her eyes closed, the lids glimmering with her light pink eye shadow, her cheeks and neck flushed from her arousal and her chest heaving from her panting breaths. She wanted to prolong this moment not knowing if she would ever have another opportunity to fuck Rachel Berry but the diva’s tiny whimpers told her that Rachel wouldn’t be able to hold out. Quinn was not opposed to Rachel letting go and peeing all over her fingers but she knew the brunette would see that as a loss of dignity so to speed the process along she dropped to her knees and pushed up Rachel’s plaid skirt and pulled down her panties. She spread the girl’s outer lips and was greeted by her clit peeking out if its hood, ready to play. Quinn rubbed the small bundle of nerves with the pointer finger of her left hand before leaning in and circling her tongue around the nub.

“Oh fuck, Quinn,” Rachel moaned as her hips bucked against the blonde’s mouth. She tangled both of her hands in the girl’s hair and held her against her pussy. Quinn’s tongue flicked her clit and her fingers pounded mercilessly inside her and the thoughts of, “Quinn Fabray is eating me out. Quinn Fabray is fucking me in the school bathroom,” repeated themselves in her brain and before she knew it she was falling over that edge into oblivion. Her full bladder and need to empty it intensified her orgasm and she cried out in ecstasy, a shrill high note that Quinn had never heard her hit before. Her hands dug into the blonde’s scalp as she rode out the wave of her pleasure with Quinn’s fingers still pumping away at her, her tongue lazily lapping up her juices.

Quinn pulled her fingers out of Rachel’s body and stood up, licking her lips and wiping way the remnants of the singer’s juices that were on her chin. She was happy that Rachel was satisfied but her own core ached so badly that she thought she would explode at the slightest touch.

She heard Rachel whimper and saw the brunette looking at her with pleading eyes, silently seeking permission, and she said, “Go. But will you let me watch?”

After the amazing orgasm she had just experienced at the blonde’s touch Rachel could hardly refuse. She nodded her head and raced into the stall that was furthest from the door, leaving it wide open. She squatted over the toilet, both for hygienic reasons and for Quinn’s benefit, and began to pee.

The blonde simply stared, fascinated and aroused. Her hand absentmindedly pushed up her dress (she had taken to wearing easy access clothing to make her forays into the bathroom easier) and she touched herself underneath her panties.

“Come here Quinn.”

The girl swore she was hearing things. But when she saw Rachel’s eyes dark with desire she knew the diva meant what she said. Quinn made her way over to where Rachel was squatting over the toilet; the girl’s steady stream of urine had turned into tiny trickles but Quinn was as turned on as ever. Especially when Rachel reached out and touched her clit through her underwear.

“Oh fuck!” Quinn gasped and her palm slammed against the side of the stall for balance.

“I can feel how wet you are. Does this,” Rachel tilted her head downward indicating her bodily function that had since ceased, “turn you on that much?”

“God yes,” the blonde murmured. “I never thought it would but f-fuck Rach,” she stuttered when the brunette’s slender index finger dipped into her panties and found her protruding clit and began to stroke it lightly. “I love hearing you pee and watching you…you’re so fucking hot.”

Rachel did not understand this fetish of Quinn’s but if it meant she got to touch the blonde and be touched in return she was willing to be accommodating. Quinn was practically humping against her finger as Rachel stroked the bundle of nerves and the brunette knew she must be close.

“Come for me Quinn. I want you watch you.”

Quinn’s eyes, which up to this point had been fluctuating between open and closed, widened and fixed on Rachel’s eyes, which were staring into hers. Their gazes locked Rachel said, “Imagine me peeing all over your fingers while you fuck me.” She then pinched Quinn’s clit ever so lightly but it was enough to send wave after wave of pleasure through the taller girl’s body.

“Oh, oh, oh fuck Rach!” Quinn moaned, a high-pitched keening sound, as her hips bucked against Rachel’s finger and she rode out her orgasm. She then leaned against the stall and took a deep breath as her eyes lost the glazed over look and became clear and alert.

Rachel stood up and smoothed out her skirt with the palms of her hands and then kissed Quinn sweetly on the mouth.

“We always seem to have encounters in the bathroom,” she said. “I don’t know about you but I knew something like this was bound to happen.”

“Really?” Quinn was shocked. Up until the Homecoming bonfire she never would have admitted she was sexually attracted to the brunette and here Rachel was thinking about them fucking in the school bathroom.

“Well maybe not exactly like this, but yes. The way you look at me sometimes Quinn, it’s like you want to devour me. It was only a matter of time before you acted on it although this little…fetish you have surprised me.”

“Believe me, it surprised me too,” Quinn stated. “There’s just something about you Rachel, it’s like everything you do is so sexy. And now that I’ve had you, I don’t think I want to stop.”

“Who says you have to stop? I’m not going anywhere and you don’t have to sneak into the stall next to me before lunch unless you want to. Actually if no one else is in the bathroom, you can join me. The way you reacted to me, while I might not see the fascination with water sports, was quite arousing. I would like to experience that again.”

Quinn smiled and Rachel smiled back as they quickly tidied themselves up and headed back to Glee Club hoping that no one would be suspicious as to what they had done and would likely do again.

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sannn87 From: sannn87 Date: July 23rd, 2011 02:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
haha ok so this isn't a fetish of mine, but like i've previously stated, my eternal love for your writing will get me to read just about anything you write :P it was really nicely done. not too over the top, which made it easier to read and it was funny and hot and definitely worth the read :) i don't suppose you could consider writing a faberittana piece next?? I'd love to see your take on that relationship.
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: July 23rd, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aww, I'm glad you liked it! Yeah I didn't want to go too overboard with the topic considering it's not a kink of mine either but I thought I fulfilled the prompt and still made it hot for those of us that aren't into water sports.

And I'm wondering if you can read my mind? While my next fic is not Faberittana it is Heyachele which is pretty damn close! I'm not sure if I'll ever write Faberittana (I just don't have the same love for Santana and Brittany that I do for Quinn and Rachel) but hey, you never know!
sannn87 From: sannn87 Date: July 24th, 2011 04:51 am (UTC) (Link)
great minds think alike?! :P jk
i've never read heyachele actually... don't remember ever coming across one, so YAY!!! new experience :)

btw are you by any chance a harry potter fan?? cos there are a quite a few fics being posted now that crossover glee/hp and i was wondering if you'd be interested in writing faberry in hogwarts?? i would totally love you even more :D
lovablelexie From: lovablelexie Date: July 24th, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've never read any Heyachele either so when one of my friends asked me to write it I couldn't resist!

And yes, I am a big Harry Potter fan!! And my friends IRL and I were just talking about Glee/HP crossovers last night!! I am a bit afraid to touch HP fan fic but I'll think about it. :)
flipflop555 From: flipflop555 Date: July 25th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
as usual, i loveeeee anything u post. please never stop, ur great =) i'd love to see a sequel for this!
5 Martinis ~ Pour Me a Drink